Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada



Unlocking the Power of Credit Cards: Rebuild Your Financial Future with These Top Picks for Bad Credit in Canada

Are you struggling with a less-than-perfect credit score? Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Building or rebuilding your credit doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Introducing the best credit cards tailor-made for those with bad credit in Canada, designed to help you take the first step towards a brighter financial future.

Show off your money skills and supercharge your credit score with the magic of a credit card! When you use it wisely, it’s like having a secret weapon to fix up your credit. No worries if your credit score isn’t picture-perfect, ’cause guess what? There’s a whole bunch of credit cards out there that are just perfect for you! Customize your card to suit your needs and let the credit-boosting adventure begin!

By utilizing credit cards for bad credit wisely, you can effectively enhance your credit score, provided you maintain a low balance and consistently pay your bills on time.

Whether you’re a Canadian newcomer seeking to establish your credit history, someone aiming to repair your credit score, or simply in need of a suitable card for your financial situation, a credit card designed for bad credit can be your ultimate solution. Empower yourself on your journey toward financial success!

Can I get a credit card with bad credit?

You certainly can, just with fewer options.

What type of credit card can I get with bad credit?

Curious about the perfect credit card for bad credit? In Canada, the real game-changers are secured cards and prepaid cards. These little gems have the power to transform your financial game and boost your credit score! When you use them right, they become your trusty companions on the journey to a better credit score. So, let’s dive in and explore the top credit cards that’ll help you take that crucial first step toward a brighter financial future!

Top Credit Card Picks for Those with Poor Credit Scores

Neo Secured Credit Card

The Neo Secured Credit Card is your ideal companion on this journey. Your application is almost guaranteed, regardless of your credit score. All you need is a minimum security fund of just $50, and you’re good to go. There are no annoying monthly or annual fees to stress about. Plus, with up to 5% cash back on purchases, you’ll be rewarded for making responsible financial choices. Take that leap towards a better credit score with a fantastic 15% cash back on your initial purchases and a generous $25 welcome cash bonus. Ready to transform your credit history?


  • No monthly or annual fees.
  • Earn up to 5% cash back on purchases.
  • Guaranteed instant approval, regardless of credit score
  • Earn instant unlimited cash back at thousands of partners.
  • Add your virtual card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  • Get 15% cash back on your first purchases, plus a $25 welcome cash bonus.

Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard®

New to credit or aiming to rebuild your score? The Capital One Secured Mastercard has your back! With guaranteed credit card approval, it provides the perfect platform to establish or repair your credit. By requiring a security deposit, the card ensures that you remain committed to improving your credit score. Worried about unauthorized use? Fear not, as the card offers Zero Liability protection. Though it comes with an annual fee of $59, consider it a small investment toward your financial well-being.


  • Guaranteed credit card approval
  • Establish or repair your credit
  • Zero Liability protection, so you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized use of your card
  • Security funds are required.
  • Annual Fee: $59

KOHO Mastercard®

The KOHO Mastercard not only does it boast no annual fees, but its 1.5% foreign transaction fee is lower than most credit cards. And the rewards don’t stop there! Earn 1% cash back on all groceries and transportation expenses. 

Additionally,  KOHO’s Credit Building Plan is a powerful add-on feature that can transform your credit history. Simply take out a line of credit with KOHO, make on-time repayments, and witness your credit score soar. With no application or approval process, this feature is a game-changer. Track changes to your credit score, all without any hard credit checks.


  • No application or approval hassles.
  • Keep track of changes to your credit score effortlessly.
  • Enjoy 1% cash back on groceries and transportation expenses.
  • Lower foreign transaction fees compared to other credit cards.
  • Empower yourself with the Credit Building feature for just $10/month (or $7 with the Essential or Extra subscription plan).

Ready to seize control of your financial future? These top credit cards for bad credit in Canada are your stepping stones to success. Say goodbye to credit woes and welcome a brighter, more secure tomorrow with these credit-building tools. Start your journey toward financial freedom today!