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The ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA Respects the privacy of its Users and, with the aim of being transparent about how their data is treated, presents the Privacy Policy that complies with international and national data protection standards.

By using ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA, the User explicitly agrees to the processing of their data, confirming that they agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use.

This Privacy Policy must be read and interpreted together with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA aims to share financial and career information with its Users, making it accessible to everyone and raising awareness about products and services that best fit their reality, needs, and preferences.

All functionalities of ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA can be used without the User needing to register beforehand.

ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA follows international standards and patterns of security in the storage, protection, privacy, and transmission of data, noting that no storage, protection, privacy, and data transmission method is 100% secure and inviolable.

ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA does not send emails to its Users requesting payments or confirmation of personal data.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA processes two types of data: “Identifiable Personal Data” and “Non-Personal Data.”


In order to access free content on ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA, such as e-books and quizzes, the User must provide some identifiable personal data, including email, full name, phone number, address, and date of birth.

The identifiable personal data processed by ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA is used for the following purposes:

  • Accurate and precise identification of the User, thus ensuring greater security and protection for the Users themselves;
  • Access to the services and products provided by ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA;
  • Analysis of User profiles in order to indicate the best products and information according to their real needs and reality.

To achieve a more accurate analysis of the User’s profile, ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA may conduct surveys within its “feed” to obtain more and better information about the User’s profile and, thus, indicate personalized products and services according to each User’s preferences and needs.

ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA and its partner companies may invite users to participate in satisfaction surveys. In this way, users may receive emails with necessary instructions, and the collected data will be used to administer the survey. The goal of satisfaction surveys is to seek improvements in the system and the products, content, and services offered by ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA and its partner companies.

If the User contacts us to report a problem, a question, or to obtain support, we collect and store the user’s contact information, as well as the respective messages and other data necessary to investigate the problem or question. This data will be used to resolve any questions based on the information collected, clarify doubts, correct problems, and improve the system, enhancing the User’s experience of ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA.


When Users do not request free content from ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA (e-books and quizzes, for example), tracking and collection of non-personal data may be performed, indicating, among other details, which pages of the website were visited, when they were visited, which hyperlinks were clicked, which content or services were requested or indicated, among others.

ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA uses cookies to assist in the collection of data and IP (internet protocol) identification information to facilitate User navigation, helping to guarantee the security, protection, and authenticity of the data.

The User may change their acceptance or rejection of cookies at any time in their browser settings, noting that by deactivating navigation cookies, some of ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA’s functionalities may be impaired.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA does not sell information or personal data of its Users, but may share them with partner companies in order to indicate products and services that best fit their needs or to provide products and/or services requested by the User.

ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA reserves the right to assist or cooperate with any judicial authority or government agency and may share the identifiable personal data of Users in order to establish or exercise their legal rights or protect their properties or when it considers that their assistance or cooperation is necessary. It is also done to protect its Users, employees, administrators, or any person harmed by action or omission.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA does not process personal data of children under 13 years of age without prior authorization from parents or legal guardians.

In the event of the collection and processing of personal data of children under 13 years of age without the express authorization of parents or legal guardians, unintentionally, ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA will delete all collected data without any prior notice.

If the User is aware that we may have mistakenly processed data of a child, we ask that they immediately contact us so that we can take the necessary measures.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA uses services from other companies to display advertisements on the website. These advertisements may contain cookies and/or web beacons to collect data in the process of displaying ads from these third-party companies. ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA does not have access to this information and is not responsible for the data and information collected by third-party companies.


ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA displays ads served by the GOOGLE ADSENSE Network. Google uses Cookies to display ads on sites that publish their ads. The DART Cookie allows ads to be displayed based on the user’s preferences and browsing habits. Users can choose to disable the DART Cookie on the page that contains the privacy policy of the Google ads and content network. If the User does not agree with Google’s cookies and wants to deactivate them, simply access the official Google page to control how Google uses the cookies collected in its ad network.


Estação Notícias works with third-party cookies to display ads based on previous visits. This practice is common, and Google does it as well. Consult the official Google Analytics page for more information on Google Analytics cookies.

The User can deactivate personalized advertising by clicking on the ad settings.

If preferred, the User can also choose not to use third-party cookies for personalized advertising. To do this, simply access the website


The Privacy Policy may be changed, supplemented, or replaced at any time and for any reason, at the exclusive discretion of ESTAÇÃO NOTÍCIA, without the consent or notification of Users.


If at any time you are no longer interested in receiving our messages, simply perform an automatic cancellation. To do this, simply open one of our emails, go to the end of the message, and click on the unsubscribe link; we usually use the phrases “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” or “UNSUBSCRIBE.”

If the user has difficulty performing this process, simply respond to our email requesting unsubscription, and we will proceed to cancel the data in our database.